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Bob Warfield

SmoothSpan Principal

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A successful repeat entrepreneur who has founded 4 startups and participated in all stages from founding through IPO and on to $500 million dollar industry leader.

Helpstream is Bob's fifth startup.


Helpstream, SmoothSpan, Callidus, PriceRadar.com, Rational, PureAtria, Integrity QA, Oracle, Borland, Surpass


Strategy, Vision, Serial Enterpreneur, User Interface Design, Language/Compiler/Tools, Enterprise Software


EVP Products


2008 - Present

Helpstream is building the World's First Modern Web Application for Customer Service. Bob Warfield has total responsibility for the User Experience via Engineering, Product Management, and Operations.



2007 - Present

SmoothSpan is a blog and a consultancy focused on cloud computing in the form of SaaS and Web 2.0.


Callidus Software

2001 - 2007

Callidus Software became the market leader for Enterprise Incentive Managment software. They launched a successful and rapidly growing On-demand version of the software in 2006, and are one of the few companies to successfully embrace both models.

CTO, Founder


1998 - 2001

PriceRadar employed an innovative textual data mining technology to automatically create and optimize listings on eBay for commercial catalog retailers such as the Sharper Image.

Company sold to eBay

VP Engineering: Software Testing Tools


1997 - 1998

After selling Integrity QA to PureAtria, Rational purchased PureAtria. I ran a Software Testing Tools group for both companies based on Integrity technology. The product is today known as Rational Test Factory.

CTO, Founder

Integrity QA Software

1996 - 1997

Integrity QA was a visionary testing tool based on genetic algorithms and a visual user interface design language. Integrity would spider any product's user interface and generate optimal code coverage scripts to test the product.

After the problem was declared intractable by a leading genetic algorithm expert from Stanford, Integrity went on to complete the product and sell it to PureAtria for $45M in just 10 months.

VP Desktop Development


1995 - 1996

Developed a number of business plans for Oracle to pursue in penetrating the Windows market.

SVP Engineering


1988 - 1993

After Surpass was acquired by Borland, the product was relabeled and shipped as Quattro Pro. It sold over $100 million in its first year starting Borland on a path that eventually led to it being a $500M a year business.

I ran all of Borland's Engineering, consisting of 350 developers working on over 25 projects.

CEO, Founder

Surpass Software

1984 - 1988

Right after leaving grad school, I took this company from 0 to profitability in 4 years, and challenged the world's major players by winning reviews against Lotus 1-2-3, Microsoft Excel, and Borland Quattro.

Company reached profitability and was sold to Borland.


Rice University, Houston, Texas

Bachelor's Computer Science. Completed Graduate Studies in Computer Science and Business Administration but did not write a PhD thesis, preferring to found Surpass instead.


Enterprise Irregular

Holder of 11 Patents on Software Testing (5754760, 6854089), User Interface and Spreadsheets (5416895, D402283, 5463724, 5664127, 5502805, 5784545, D409173, 6282551, 5590259)

Originator of a unique software development process that later evolved into the Agile and eXtreme programming methodologies as a result of a paper by Bell Labs researcher James Coplien who said, "The Borland Quattro Pro® for Windows (QPW) development is one of the most remarkable organizations, processes, and development cultures we have encountered in the AT&T Bell Laboratories Pasteur process research project."



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